Petites Voix - fun French for little voices!
Babies and toddlers have a natural gift for languages -
surround them with the sounds of a foreign language and they will copy what they hear and learn the language effortlessly!
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Language learning made easy for children aged 10 months to 4 years
Introduces children to French through music and play
Stimulates speech development, memory and attention and social skills
Encourages bonding between parent/carer and child
Ideal for parents/carers who would like to learn, or refresh their knowledge of, French
Balance of structured class and social time to get to know other parents and children
Small class sizes
Based in Bristol, England

"We really look forward to the class each week.  I think Melanie has pitched the tone and atmosphere of the class perfectly.  Its a gentle introduction to French songs and stories, and Peggy loves the props of animals and instruments.  We can't wait for next term!" Delphine, mum to Peggy (3)
"The introduction of a second language is proving fun for both of us. Samuel
especially enjoys the nursery rhymes and puppets!"  Adele, mum to Samuel (16 months)
"We are really enjoying our Petites Voix classes - it's a fantastic idea to start learning another language so young! Ruby loves the weekly craft activity" Donna, mum to Ruby (3) and Max (15 months)